"Grocery Art", The New York Times, August 27, 2002

The Arts/Footlight section


How much is that screw-filled crate of "blueberries" in the window? Shoppers at the Gourmet Garage, a specialty grocery in SoHo, may be asking that question as they walk past the store's windows and see a new exhibition of found-object sculptures based on fruit and vegetables in the store's windows. "Art by the Pound," by the Brooklyn-based artist Jeff Sundheim. opens today with wooden corn, asparagus made of black rods and other sculptured inedibles. It runs through Sept. 30 and, as advertised. The work is for sale by weight. Gourmet Garage is at 453 Broome Street, at Mercer Street.

By Brooks Barnes
Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

Add art to the grocery list.

Gourmet Garage, an upscale grocer located among the art galleries of New York's SoHo neighborhood, has decided it can be an art gallery too. Later this month, food-themed sculptures by artist Jeff Sundheim go on display alongside the fruit and vegetables in Gourmet Garage's window-display cases. The twist: the art will be sold just like the produce -- by the pound. "It's just something different that we cooked up," says Mr.Sundheim, a former Silicon Valley tech executive.

The sculptures -- strawberry,lemon, and asparagus crates filled with various objects -- are priced between $299 and $899 a pound. (Most weigh less than 10 pounds.)

"Art by the Pound"opens Aug. 27.